Monday, August 16, 2010


COMMON to Host D Wade's Kick-Off this Thursday!!
This weekend's festivities will be mature, sexy, upscale & high profile. enFULLAffect Marketing and First Fridays Chicago were hired by Wade's World Foundation because of our reputation for providing Chicago with premier events targeting mature and upscale working class professionals. If you are looking for a professional athletes party, this isn't it. I heard someone say this weekend, "I don't go to athlete parties" (Ironically, she totally looked like she did athletes and southern rappers too, LOL).

Don't get it twisted, Mark Fuller doesn't promote athlete parties, my client for this event just happens to be an athlete (one of the most stylish and polished in the business) who happens to not want his party to be an athlete party either and that's why he hired enFULLAffect Marketing. So if you are a groupie...ooops, I mean, if you are looking for a professional athlete party, this weekend's festivities aren't for you. Don't get me wrong, we are gonna get it in, but in a way that's the standard of style, class, professionalism and sexiness that I bring to all my signature special events. We have chosen the most exclusive venues in the city along with the hottest DJs and Chicago's A-List Crowd will be in the building.

Today is the last day to RSVP for this Thursday's guest list party!
(Dress code info below) - Mark

Dress codes will be enforced regardless of celebrity status (Local or National). Local celebrities, I'm letting y'all know up front, so don't get mad at me when you don't get in. Also, this is a fundraiser to benefit children, so don't call me about a guest list, RSVP NOW.

Attire: Men must wear collared shirts or if you wear a designer T-Shirt it must be accompanied by a blazer. Fashionable fitting designer jeans are OK. Ladies, classy but sexy! Dress code this weekend is all about "The Look" if you look out of place, we will respectfully decline your entry. The VIP reception for this Thursday is sponsored by Crown Royal, Red Bull and Heineken and will be from 9pm-11pm. Remember, this is a private affair, you either have to be on the RSVP list or have a ticket to attend.

You can purchase VIP tickets at, general admission tickets are available at The Silver Room (Wicker Park), Leaders (Downtown) & Phli (Hyde Park).

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