Friday, August 27, 2010


Friday, August 27th, Meet me on the ROOF-TOP!
Tonight is the BIG ONE at
Bottom Lounge 1375 W. Lake (West Loop)

The one and only, Original Hip Hop DJ...Love Bug Starski will be in the building!

Back in 1974 in the Bronx NY, Love Bug was rocking the beats in the park when he got on the mic and said "Hip Hop ShooWop Da Bop" and it was the beginning of this thing we know as Hip Hop.

Come here Starski do his thang tonight with another legend Farley Jackmaster Funk and just added, Sean Averez!

Remy Cocktail reception from 9pm-11pm! RSVP Now!

Ps Saturday night will be a special night at Plush, it will be a lot different from the normal Saturday parties. this Saturday is invite only and will be for my people only. so mention the password "Triumph" and you will be good! free All night!

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