Thursday, November 5, 2009

CHI-HAPPENS Interview with DJ Solo @ The Lick Nightclub

Mr. Chicken Wang DJ Solo held his music video release party for “Chicken Waang!”. CHI-HAPPENS sent Shanti B. & Nicole S. to interviewed him & check out the venu (The Lick located on 147th and Halsted).

Club Overview: The Lick located on 147th and Halsted.
The club signified style, classiness, and sexiness. The first thing that catches the eye is the elevated stage. It has two poles in the center to create a scenic effect. Red, green, white, and yellow lights protrude out of the glass floor. The tiger print staircase leads to the balcony that overlooks the entire club. The best feature of the club is the glass bridge that leads from the rear to the front of the club. It has a total of three bars. The mahogany walls coordinated with retro furnishings that included white and black leather chairs that helped illuminate sophistication.
By Nicole S.

DJ Solo: You already know what it is. I go by the name of DJ Solo. Mr. Chicken Wang, himself. It’s going down official at The Lick.

Shanti: Tell us about your new hit single.

DJ Solo: I was in my back yard one day and I was actually getting depressed. I’m like I got to do something to make a name for myself to help put Chicago on. I was kind of playing the back burner for a minute. But once the Stanky Leg came out and the Ricky Bobby, I had to do it for the Midwest.

Shanti: What is the concept of the song? Is it a new dance?

DJ Solo: Yeah, it is something like a new dance. And not only that, I just want to give that Chicago flavor to the land. I really think that’s what the world has been missing. That real Chicago flavor. I just wanted to come out to do my thing, and represent the city of Chi.

Shanti: How did you get discovered? What happened?

DJ Solo: Actually my manager has two other artists by the name of the Gemini Twins. Shout out to the Gemini Twins. They did their promotional CD mixed and mastered by Buggs. For those who don’t know Buggs, he is that dude in Chicago. Buggs linked up to the CEO of Connected Records, which is also the record label that Ben One is on. I ended up linking up with him. A couple of months later, I signed the contract (Connected Records) and got it popping.

Shanti: How did you get the name DJ Solo?

DJ Solo: That name has been around for the longest. To be honest with you, back when I was in grammar school.

Shanti: You were a DJ before the rap game?

DJ Solo: Juke DJ. Real heavy in the juke scene. Markham Skating Rink, 87th Skating Rink, and Gary Skate World.

Shanti: How long were you a DJ?

DJ Solo: I was a DJ since 1997.

Shanti: Where did you grow up?

DJ Solo: I lived in the burbs. I’m from Chicago Heights. C-Side.

Shanti: Your music is like the dancing music such as Soulja Boy. What do you consider the genre of your music: Hip Hop or Dance Pop?

DJ Solo: Honestly, I consider it good music because it is not degrading and it is fun. A lot of people say it’s not Hip Hop. Well maybe I’m a Hip Hop artist. Maybe I’m an artist that likes to entertain. So that’s what I’m doing.

Shanti: What audience are you trying to aim towards? Is this for everyone or college students?

DJ Solo: I’m really trying to make it family based to where they can play a CD for their family, their grandmother or grandfather. They won’t be offended by it. There are not a lot of people that’s doing that these days. But coming out of Chicago, I want to be the first person who does that. Considering all the killings and the deaths in Chicago, I think we need some positive music right about now.

Shanti: Who is over Connected Records?

DJ Solo: Damien Cash

Shanti: What current projects do you have coming up?

DJ Solo: We are premiering my new video tonight. It is suppose to hit MTV next Friday (October 16, 2009). Right now we are currently pushing my mix tape.

Shanti: How can your fans contact you?

DJ Solo:,, and

Shanti: What designers are you wearing?

DJ Solo: My homeboy makes these shirts for me.

Shanti: What is his name?

DJ Solo: Damien Reed. It’s not a specific brand name. It is customized. Of course this diamond chain is my birthday gift from my record label.

Shanti: Are you single?

DJ Solo: Yes indeed. I am very single.

Shanti: Are you looking wifey?

DJ Solo: I am but they hard to come by these days.

Shanti: What is your typical girl?

DJ Solo: My typical girl is chocolate or light skin. It doesn’t matter. I just want somebody that is real cool. I just want somebody who is willing to accept what I’m doing and roll with the process.

Shanti: Before we rap this up, is there anything you would like to say to Chicago?

DJ Solo: Chicago you already know I love ya’ll forever. I do this for Chicago. It’s too much violence and too many deaths going on right now. So right now what we are trying to do is start that positive movement of positive music. DJ Solo Chicago, you already know what it is.

Shanti: Thank You. This interview is brought to by CHI-HAPPENS Blog

Shanti Note's
DJ Solo was very conversational and authentic. He was really down to earth and had a very likable personality. He is very business oriented and has a lot of forthcoming projects. DJ Solo is going to be one of Chicago’s next big artist.

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